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After suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligent actions, moving forward can be tough. Property damages, medical bills, and day-to-day expenses can become overwhelming, especially if you are too injured to work. 

At Winter & Rhoden LLC, we understand these hardships. Our Gaffney personal injury attorneys have helped the injured for almost 30 years

Our mission is to help individuals overcome the legal issues standing between them and a fair resolution. To that end, our practice stretches beyond personal injury issues. 

Therefore, we are ready to handle any legal issue a client may face. However, this is only one reason our clients love the services we provide.

Why Should You Trust Our Attorneys?

Along with providing skilled legal services, Winter & Rhoden LLC knows the value of telling it like it is. Too often, law firms exaggerate when it comes to the potential of your case, including the settlement or verdict that could result. 

When these promises fail to materialize, clients often feel betrayed and shocked. 

This could face further financial hardships if they planned ahead using those inflated predictions. We want to prevent these issues.

Our Gaffney lawyers are upfront about what challenges your case may encounter. Even if the anticipated results were not what the client hoped for, we will still give them an honest assessment. 

We understand how our counsel can affect your life, and we want to do everything we can to get the result you need.

We care about our clients, and we will fight for your case without compromise.

What Legal Issues Do Our Attorneys Handle?

Since our firm is extremely dedicated to client satisfaction, we also offer legal counsel beyond personal injury issues. For example, we have represented clients for adoptions, child custody issues, and divorces. 

Further, we also deal with Social Security disability and workers’ compensation claims. If you are facing criminal charges or need to appeal a verdict, then our criminal defense and appeals services may help. 

We are also here to help you guard your family and legacy with our wills and probate services.

Meet Our Team

  • “I would highly recommend Attorney William Rhoden to anyone. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.”

    - David B.
  • “I can contact her at any time... she's always ready to help.”

    - Leslie B.
  • “Attorney A.K. Parker is very knowledgeable and maintains professionalism under stressful situations.”

    - J. L.
  • “Her knowledge, fight-for-you posture, and straight talk have consistently been a sound and professional experience.”

    - Denise D.
  • “Everyone there was awesome.”

    - Thomas L.

Why Choose Winter & Rhoden LLC

Our Compassionate Legal Team Cares About Every Case

  • Decades of Experience

    With almost forty years of combined experience, our skilled team is ready to help you.

  • With You Every Step

    We'll walk through this challenging process together, and we'll fight for your case without compromise.

  • Personalized Service

    We care deeply about our clients and take the time to tailor our representation for each case.

  • Trustworthy Attorneys

    We're honest with you about the challenges you may encounter and we'll lead the way with integrity.

Want to Learn More About What Our Attorneys Can Do for You?

To sum it up, Winter & Rhoden LLC is dedicated to our clients throughout the area. Our Gaffney law firm provides trustworthy service backed by decades of experience. Our South Carolina attorneys, William G. Rhoden, Anna-Karina Parker, and Christopher Bain focus on your individual needs and have a skilled staff to back them up. 


About Gaffney

Gaffney is the seat of Cherokee County in the upstate area of South Carolina. It is referred to as the “Peach Capital” of the state along with “Peachoid,” its landmark peach-shaped water tower. As of 2020, it had a population of approximately 12,500. Visitor attractions include the Cherokee County Museum, Lake Whelchel Trail, and Thicketty Mountain. 

Gaffney was founded by Irish immigrant Michael A. Gaffney because of its location on two major roads in the area and became an official city in 1872. Community-driven with deep roots, the city and surrounding areas have spectacular scenery, beautiful landmarks, such as Lake Whelchel, and rich history. 

If you have questions about your potential case, call us at (864) 489-8128. The initial consultation is free for personal injury, workers’ comp, and Social Security issues. Our attorneys will happily guide you through your legal challenges. You can also contact us through our online contact form!

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