Family Law

Photo of a Family Together at SunsetAre you wanting to adopt or going through an adoption? Are you seeking a divorce or separation? Are there child custody and visitation concerns? Protect your rights as a parent; protect your property interest developed in the marriage; and regain a peace of mind by having an attorney who will ensure your best interests are being served whether in a divorce, adoption, child custody or support battle, or separation.

Our attorneys will represent your case to not only obtain the divorce, but to ensure that custody and property concerns are addressed and resolved.  Our desire is to ensure the best outcome for our clients even if that means bringing your case to the Supreme Court of South Carolina in Dakwins v. Dawkins.

When will a court grant a divorce?

Divorce in South Carolina may be granted on fault grounds to include adultery, desertion, habitual drunkenness (including narcotics), and physical cruelty, or no fault grounds based on separation of spouses for one year.

This may be only the beginning of the divorce process, and may be complicated by proof of fault grounds, determination of child custody, the need for alimony, and the division of property to include retirement accrued during the marriage.  Contact our office for a consultation so that your interests may be protected.