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Winter & Rhoden, LLC has over 30 years of experience helping clients face legal challenges. To date, we’ve successfully helped people get fair treatment in a divorce as well as after a serious accident. We’ve helped clients navigate complex financial issues, from starting a business to putting together an estate plan. We’ve worked with the Social Security and workman’s compensation systems. And, we’ve fought for the constitutionally guaranteed protections of those facing criminal charges. If you need help in any of the following practice areas, a Gaffney lawyer from our office can be there for you. 

Personal Injury

An accident can make your life change in the blink of an eye. Through no fault of your own, you’re facing medical bills, missed time at work and physical rehabilitation. That’s to say nothing of the post-traumatic stress you now deal with. You deserve just compensation in a personal injury settlement, and we’ll work with you to show how someone else’s negligence is the reason for your injuries.

Family Law

Going through a divorce can be difficult and it always presents a set of legal challenges. You have to file on the right grounds, get a fair financial settlement and fight for custody of your children. Winter & Rhoden, LLC understands South Carolina divorce law, has won significant victories on behalf of our clients, and would welcome the opportunity to advocate for you. 

Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime can not only change your life, it can effectively ruin your life and deprive you of your freedom. A lawyer who knows your rights, knows the law, and knows how to challenge what the prosecutors think they know can make all the difference. This is not the time to settle for second-best when it comes to your legal representation. Call Winter & Rhoden, LLC. 

  • “I would highly recommend Attorney William Rhoden to anyone. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.” - David B.
  • “I can contact her at any time... she's always ready to help.” - Leslie B.
  • “Attorney A.K. Parker is very knowledgeable and maintains professionalism under stressful situations.” - J. L.
  • “Her knowledge, fight-for-you posture, and straight talk have consistently been a sound and professional experience.” - Denise D.
  • “Everyone there was awesome.” - Thomas L.

Court Appeals

Do you believe your case, be it civil or criminal, was wrongfully decided? You have the right to appeal, but it’s important to understand that the appeals process is a different ballgame from the original trial. An appellate court is not there to simply re-try the case. Winning an appeal means showing that the original court erred in its application of the law. That requires a different approach and one that Winter & Rhoden, LLC is experienced at taking on. 

Social Security Disability

A mental or physical handicap can prevent you from earning a living. Social Security is not just for those who have reached retirement age. The disability provisions of the Social Security program are there for you too, but the process of getting benefits can be tedious at best and simply frustrating at worst. An attorney from our law office will represent you and fight to see that the Social Security Administration treats you fairly. 

Workers’ Compensation

Employees at most businesses have legal protections that ensure they can get compensation if they’re injured on the job. Workman’s compensation also has a process that requires attention to detail, good documentation and making certain that proper protocols are followed. A Gaffney lawyer can advise you on what you should be tracking and help you fight for the full measure of your rightful benefits. 

Wills & Probate

Estate planning is for everyone and involves much more than designating who gets what assets after you pass away. As important as your will is, it’s also vital to establish how decisions will be made if you become incapacitated. Who will manage your financial affairs and who will make medical decisions in the event you can’t do either for yourself? How can you structure your assets so that they go to your heirs and are not taxed out of existence? Answering those questions is one small part of what estate planning attorneys do. 

Whatever your legal needs are, the Gaffney attorneys at Winter & Rhoden, LLC believe we’re the help that you’ve been looking for. Call us today (864) 489-8128 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation.

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