Photo of a Man Holding a Why Choose Us SignAt Winter & Rhoden LLC, our clients truly matter to us. Taking on their lawsuit is about finding the results that will best help our clients and their families. That effort is why our clients keep coming back to our legal services. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about the hard work we put into ever case we undertake at our South Carolina law offices. And if you have a question about your auto accident, personal injury or family law issues, feel free to contact us at (864) 489-8128 or you can fill out our confidential contact form.

“AK is wonderful. She will do what is best for her client. A great lawyer.”
Heather Swayngim
“Great experience with Mr Roden, staff very polite & friendly. If you are looking for a wonderful lawyer, this is place to be. Mr Roden has the knowledge to help you with your business.
“My grandmother has only and had always only dealt with one law firm for many many years , with Mr. Bill Winters when she was alive , as her granddaughter, I always followed her in everything she did because she always made right choices . So when it has come the time to where I need an experienced, loving ones , and a caring law firm , that was always willing to go beyond all means to make sure their client being treated fairly , and of course made sure they got the job done in a very timely matter , and was always available to be there for any questions, or concerns I knew which Law firm to go to . Mrs Parker is so sweet and caring of the people who she represent, as well as her staff . I thank God for her , and her team . The are not only here to do just a job, they are actually ones whom care and really shows you they are willing to make sure you know that in your heart not just on paper . This is a law firm that not only talk the talk but they walk it ……… I love them all”
ronetha S
“He’s a great criminal lawyer”
Lora Berry
“I would highly recommend Attorney William Rhoden to anyone. He took my case and I followed his advice with hopes of having case dismissed and in time it was. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.His staff was always helpful and I thought his rates were very reasonable.”
David Brown
“AK, Bill and their staff do a great job.”
Heather Swayngim
“Anna-Karina Parker is a very knowledgeable attorney. She looks at the big picture in a situation. She cares about her client and best of all she is honest and doesn’t just say what you want to hear. She isn’t out to drain your wallet but what’s best for her client. I would highly recommend her.”
Holli Robbs
“Friendly and knowledgeable”
Dominoe D’Amato
“ I have dealt with Atty Anna Karina Parker of Winter and Rhoden on multiple occasions. Her knowledge, fight for you posture and straight talk has consistently been a sound and professional experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attorney that will tell you like it is and fight to the end for you. With her representing you, you always know where you stand and what your options are; so there aren’t any surprises and you get a good feel for what to expect. She is one of Gaffney’s best!”
Denise doty
“AK stays ready to help with any situation. I can contact her at any time with any question and she’s always ready to help. Peace of mind and doesn’t put money first!”
leslie dills
“Attorney AK Parker is very knowledgeable and maintains professionalism under stressful situations. I throughly enjoy working with her! Highly recommended!”
J Littlejohn
“Ms. Parker was very knowledgeable.”
Renee Barber
“Mrs. AK Parker with Winter and Rhoden was very professional and genuinely cared about the needs of our family.”
Joey Gault
“When i called the lady was very helpful and so courteous.”
vianey oviedo