Injured at Work?

worker fallen on floor with hard hat laying beside them on the ground

What do you do when you are injured at work?

First and foremost, it is important that you immediately report this accident to your supervisor.  An accident must be reported in order for a workers’ compensation claim to be open.

Secondlyseek out treatment under the direction of your employer.  They do get to choose the doctor and care that you receive.  Yet if you are in need of specialized care or are not receiving the necessary care, this is where your attorney may help.

Thirdfind an attorney who works in the area of Workers’ Compensation and can advise you of your rights.  It is important to have an advocate who can assist you in securing your benefits so that you may focus on recovering from your injury.

It is important to note that workers’ compensation is not an avenue for pain and suffering.  Workers’ Compensation is there to help those injured at work achieve maximum medical improvement, and compensate for any loss related to such.

If you have been injured at work, contact Anna-Karina Parker who can help explain your rights and will fight fairly for you.